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Books from ideas to inventions

Creativity is the most important human ability and the most fundamental factor of value creation that plays a vital role in all aspects of life. This source of wealth creation and time has changed dramatically and its importance has increased day by day. In the present age, in order to meet human needs and earn money, there is a way through knowledge and creativity. Creativity gives rise to great thoughts in man, but the starting point is usually the most difficult stage, which guides our great thoughts towards progress and brings us a bright tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we humans are not accustomed to doing great things. This causes us not to use our ability to cultivate our great imaginations and, consequently, our God-given power. That’s why we easily miss countless opportunities.

By applying the principles that are explained to you in this book, you can step on the path of realizing your life goals and interests to achieve great inventions and fame. You can be a scientifically, research, and commercially powerful and well-known person and start a perfect and wealth-creating business.

To cultivate your creativity, you must have a different view of the world around you. You have to practice this new vision every day. You have to use your thinking and creativity to produce knowledge and use the tools to create innovative products and meet human need

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