Courses - صادق مزیدی
Educational Courses (Available in Farsi language at the moment)

1- From Idea to Invention Couse (for Adults)
Content of video courses:
Learn how to develop new ideas
Learn how to set up a registration file to fix bugs
Introducing the site of scholarship databases, work visas and patent sales
Familiarity with university and start-up projects and projects required by countries
Learn to search for inventions in Switzerland and Canada
How to get a scholarship and how to apply for LLC, LTD, CO, PLC, Inc.
How to set up a resume (CV) for a student and work visa
Explain the conditions for registering a company abroad
Introducing science and technology parks in the world
Introducing patent sales sites
How to price an invention
How to find sales centers to present and defend the invention
How to find an investor and negotiate with it
2- Success Course Through Ideas (Teenagers)
Content of video courses:
What is the idea and what is the purpose of the idea? (Discovering talent and interest)
What is invention and what are its features (the impact of inventions on human life)
Introducing student festivals features and privileges
Ideation for goals (advantages and disadvantages)
Introducing the intellectual property site
Searching in the site of Iran’s intellectual property and how to register
Visiting research / industrial centers
Familiarity with the different parts of a patent and how to write a description, claim and drawing a map
Review of accepted projects of previous festivals
Practical writing of a case of Kharazmi Festival in Iran
Examine the test sample made
How to defend your plan
Troubleshooting plans and additional advice

3- Advanced Negotiation and Sales Course
Negotiation skills